America’s Decline Attributed to Compulsory Schooling: Richard Grove with Gary Franchi



Published on April 22, 2013

From NextNewsNetwork:

When MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry brazenly told the American public that children belong to the state — or, as she put it, the “community” — she enraged a substantial segment of the population that retains the capacity for critical thinking. The reason why some people reacted that way is because the government-controlled educational establishment failed to process them correctly; this is why they can examine claims logically, and weren’t cowed into silence in the interest of conformity. Unfortunately, those Americans who display such traits are an embattled and dwindling minority.

It has been said that the genuine purpose of government education is to teach children how to stand in line — that is, to be deferential to authority, to think of themselves as part of a collective, and to indoctrinate them regarding the supposed virtues of conformity. But this process isn’t limited to the schoolroom; as historian and cultural observer Richard Grove points out, it is an all-encompassing and never-ending campaign of psychological warfare intended to destroy the ability of Americans to think of themselves as autonomous and morally intelligent individuals. Richard is the founder of Tragedy and Hope Communications, which creates educational media intended to provide individuals with the educational resources necessary to attain Ph.D. level mastery of history and philosophy.


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