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We have produced over 500 hours of educational media (interviews, podcasts, and films), all of which has been offered for FREE to the public.

Tragedy and Hope / Purpose (Form and Function)

  1. Tragedy and Hope provides a portal through which individuals can discover, identify, and integrate useful tools, resources, and activities which stimulate and fortify Cognitive Liberty, providing primary sources, research, and educational methods which facilitate consciousness.
  2. Tragedy and Hope’s purpose is to enable individuals to research and form groups of independent thinkers to solve humanity’s most pressing problems, by identifying the etiology (study of the cause-and-effect origins) and thus understanding our way toward the solutions we seek.
  3. Tragedy and Hope’s form and function (free to the public) enables hundreds-of-thousands of people around the world, to experience open-source education without upper-limits, and it is therein where the solutions are discovered- by making the problems truly known and understood at a root-cause level.
  4. Tragedy and Hope creates, produces, and publishes educational content to help adults understand the world they live in and thereby, develop true self-confidence and serenity of mind; our content focuses on history, philosophy, economics, anthropology, science, communications, and every topic which pertains to learning how to survive and thrive in this world.
  5. Tragedy and Hope is funded by those who tune-in to our productions, and the members of the Tragedy and Hope online critical thinking and research community, who subscribe after witnessing the value provided, and voluntarily deciding to contribute in a way to ensure we can continue producing educational media with integrity and consistency. Sacrifice the Tragedy, Preserve the Hope.

What we produce is a function of the generosity of our Audience, and without Subscribers; we would be Artists without the means to communicate… for without your support, the technology, research, and equipment necessary to produce independent media (without commercials or commercial sponsors) would be unattainable.

What the corporate media labels as “impossible”, Tragedy and Hope does with ease and efficiency; and being that we’re willing to do that which others will not even try… it’s worth making your acquaintance and asking for your support, because you might just be one of the few who recognize the value in what we’re doing.

The Benefits of Membership:

Those who Subscribe to support our Art and Media creations act as benefactors, and in return we provide an interactive online Community wherein we provide daily updates, articles, videos, interviews, podcasts, and other artifacts, tools, and resources to stimulate first-hand thinking and communication skills. Subscribing Members are invited into the T&H Community, wherein they can participate in various study groups, discuss and debate current events with others, research and peruse the information organized in the Brain (visual-mapping software to model knowledge); and many other benefits including free DVDs of our ongoing Films.

By Subscribing below, You enable us to continue doing what we’re doing without having to sacrifice our integrity or compromise our media creations; and in return You get more than you’re paying for.

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*NOTE: New members have to be entered into the system manually. It can take as long as 24 hours for this to happen, so please be patient.

Support The Peace Revolution Podcast: $1.50 per month (subscription)

By subscribing to support the podcast, we offer a low-fee entry point so everyone can afford to support T&H continuing to grow in the light direction.

T&H Community Basic Access: $4.95 per month (access to all areas and groups except the History group)

By subscribing to the T&H Community, you get weekly email updates (T&H Media Mail), access to the Media Mail archives, community chat, discussions, groups, blogs, and video postings.

T&H Community Basic Access: $55.00 per year (access to all areas and groups except the History group)

By subscribing to the T&H Community, you get weekly email updates (T&H Media Mail), access to the Media Mail archives, community chat, discussions, groups, blogs, and video postings.

T&H Advanced Access: Community + History Group access (with exclusive members-only content): $14.95 per month or $120.00 annually

By subscribing to the T&H Community + History Group option, you access to our behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, and research presentations; but it also helps to keep us independent, producing educational content with integrity, and empowering individuals with Intellectual Self-Defense skills, to live confident and satisfying lives.

Monthly @ $14.95 / month



Yearly @ $120.00 / year



Should the occasion arise where you decide you’re not interested, you can unsubscribe at any time using the button below:


Distributed Wisdom Begins with Knowledge and Ends with Sharing.
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