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Prior to the creation of this site and the T&H online research and development community, T&H published an online magazine; which led to the creation of this site and research forums. You can click here to download and peruse the 2009 Premiere Issue of Tragedy and Hope Magazine. (The videos embedded in the magazine from 2009 have been removed to create the pdf, whereas the actual online magazine had flippable-pages and embedded videos in each article.)

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Greetings, and Welcome to Tragedy and Hope dot com! My name is Richard Grove, and to keep it simple, here’s a summary of why this site exists:

We exist, and as human beings, we depend on reason to survive and thrive in life; therefore, the content on this site is necessary to an individual’s ability to think rationally about the world we all share.

Tragedy and Hope creates educational media and provides a comprehensive, cogent, open-source, educational model for adults; providing individuals with the access, tools, and resources, to attain coherent perspectives at/and/above the Ph.D. level. That’s a bold statement, so if I were reading the aforementioned assertion, I would ask for proof.

Here it is: There is no proof without logic, no logic without cause and effect, no cause and effect without the law of identity (things are what they are), and no knowledge of existence without our 5-senses and our conscious ability to perceive that which exists. Existence (or Reality) is every substance, action, relationship, and attribute which is, was, or ever will be; the world is made up of words (universals) which describes that which exists (particulars).

If an individual has attained a Ph.D. level certificate from schooling, and chose to challenge the validity of the heretofore-referenced argument, then that individual would then need to consume, digest, and compare their schooling to the streams of consciousness enabled by our productions.

Therefore, if a logical, reasonable, individual did the necessary observation, due diligence, and comparisons necessary to intellectually change said argument, then it would be impossible to challenge the argument, for the simple fact that all Ph.D. level certificates by definition are awarded to those who participate in a compartmentalized (or partial) focus of schooling; being that what we offer here at T&H is a comprehensive education, which recognizes and provides for the short-comings and blind spots of the Ph.D. system, which are inherent to its design, form, and function. We find risky to judge before understanding any new subject, and we likewise find it more logical to observe first, then ask questions to understand, which then removes the risks inherent to the decision-making process of “judgment”; as the facts become obvious, so do our choices. That being read, if you are a Ph.D. and present an argument which has clear terms, true premises, and thus is valid; your argument will be entertained if it is relevant and substantial, as we are most interested in learning and improving our awareness and communication skills. Also, if you are a Ph.D. and have consumed our productions, you have, by definition, just experienced 240+ hours of curriculum which were not offered to you within your Ph.D. education, and by default, are beyond Ph.D. level.

We chose the name “Tragedy and Hope” for several reasons, one of which being the importance of a history book of the same name “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time” by Professor Carroll Quigley; Quigley’s book was censored and suppressed, due to the fact that he published a book which factually and actually demonstrated that reason, rationality, and the ability to plan effectively, make informed decisions, and thus liberty- had been systematically and purposely removed from the public mind… by Who? Quigley discloses this as well, in the last several hundred pages of his book. After teaching at Harvard, Princeton, and Georgetown (as well as mentoring Rhodes Scholar William J. Clinton), Quigley is remembered for his tomes on how the world works, and who runs it; and this line of history proves out in reality, even though it is the direct opposite of what we’re taught in schools, and believe through corporate media.

Witnessing this fact, we decided to research and discover what had been removed from the public mind, and replace the essential tools of living; so that individuals could once again enjoy the liberty, serenity, and satisfaction that comes from thinking and acting with consistent methods of reason and rationality, making informed decisions and planning effectively for surviving and thriving through life’s path.

The welcome and introduction video (embedded and linked below) provides a more comprehensive overview of the origins, purpose, and intention of Tragedy and Hope dot com, and all of our productions and publications. That being read, this site and our productions are presented FREE to the public.  Our Media is Commercial-Free; This Public Service Offering is Sponsored by those who Subscribe to the Tragedy and Hope Community.


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