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The Brain

The HISTORY BLUEPRINT: Richard’s Brain Model “A Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty” (2009-Present)

Cecil Rhodes in the Brain
A still-frame of the interactive HISTORY BLUEPRINT, which shares the research and artifacts organized by Richard Grove.

The HISTORY BLUEPRINT is a tool for auto-didactic learning, allowing anyone to begin developing a comprehensive understanding of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going as Humanity. By learning to observe, ask questions, and model your findings, you can either start from scratch or work from what’s already been mapped out.

The “map is not the territory”, but the HISTORY BLUEPRINT reflects that which exists, and the inter-connectivity which can be inferred through the surrounding topics.

It’s not “the story of history”, rather, it’s a map so that you can explore and determine your own course in life.

As featured in the T&H Production “History… So It Doesn’t Repeat” (series), this is the model Richard build through which he gained his understanding of the validity and interconnectivity of both correlated and casually-related subjects in history. More than 6,000 individual entries, inter-connected.

Because the HISTORY BLUEPRINT is non-linear, and non-finite, you can leverage what’s been mapped and start adding your own discoveries, research, evidence, and artifacts which empower your ability to understand, make clear decisions, and avoid repeating history.

Get the HISTORY BLUEPRINT: “A Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty” via digital download of .brainzip file, which you can open in the free WebBrain Software (link included with purchase).

You can then explore, amend, and create your own understanding; growing in the light direction!

$50.00 + $0.00 shipping* = $50.00

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*You will be sent a non-automated email providing you with a download link after purchasing, and that link will also allow you to download HISTORY BLUEPRINT updates.

Useful Links:

T&H Model on Public Display (Web Only): HISTORY BLUEPRINT aka “A Comprehensive Ontology of Cognitive Liberty” (2008-Present) by Richard Grove, Tragedy and Hope dot com

To Use: Simply click into the model, either using the “pins” at the top, marking different topics of entry, or by starting to click into the cybernetics entry point; all of history is connected, and the brain model connects the dots, in a meaningful way. You can also click the avatar on any node, and see the attachments and URLs providing reference and context, so you learn as you go.

Model Summary: With over 9,000 interconnected points of interest, and almost 50,000 links to study, and research, this model contains a potential for understanding which public schooling cannot afford to provide.

Entry Points into the Brain model: (use top menu drop-downs)

Join: the “Brain Modeling Group” in the Tragedy and Hope online community (just 1 of the more than 50+ useful groups therein). Subscribe to gain access!


Distributed Wisdom Begins with Knowledge and Ends with Sharing.
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