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Which Version(s) of Tragedy and Hope are the UNCENSORED Editions?


The most popular question we receive here at T&H is “Which Version is UNCENSORED?”, and most of these questions are based on my conversation with John Taylor Gatto during the Ultimate History Lesson. Here’s the comprehensive answer, since you cared enough to ask :)


Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

  1. The Answer: The 2004 republished version of Tragedy and Hope by GSG Publishing is a faithful and complete version of Quigley’s 1966 First Edition prior to the printing plates for the book being destroyed. You can listen to a 1974 interview with Carroll Quigley to hear him describe in his own words how the book was suppressed and its marketing plan undermined.
  2. Purchase Options: You can purchase the 2004 GSG reprint of T&H via: InfoWars Store, G. Edward Griffin’s Reality Zone, and Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty; as well as Amazon.com. You can also find first editions, but they are quite pricey; what’s important is that this book is read and understood by everyone, as it contains the history, context, and agenda for what’s shaping our world today.
  3. The Details: In 1966 Carroll Quigley published “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World In Our Time“, at which point the FIRST HALF OF THE BOOK WAS CENSORED. The SECOND HALF OF T&H was republished in 1968 under the title “The World Since 1939: A History”,  (of which I have a rare copy, and is only 676 pages); which is a verbatim copy of pages from T&H, neglecting the context which brought it about. Due to this censorship, fellow historians attained a 1966 first edition of Tragedy and Hope and reprinted it without authorization; and many of these versions circulated throughout the world; the difference being that official 1966 copies of T&H have gold-colored page edges, and the bootleg versions have white page edges.
  4. The result: After verifying that A) The World Since 1939: A History, was a faithful version of the 2nd half of T&H, we sought to find a faithful version of the 1st half; this is where we discovered the GSG Published reprint in 2004 (at which time we compared it to the 1966 first edition we attained in 2003). The GSG version has thus far proven to be an accurate and faithful reprint without censorship.
  5. CENSORED version: In 2011-2012 we discovered that Carroll Quigley dot net offered an electronic version of T&H; which omits/CENSORS pages 62-63; those pages are in the 1966 first edition and the 2004 reprint by GSG. CarrollQuigley.net has since UPDATED their version to reflect the full & faithful text of the original first edition, and matches the 2004 GSG version.
  6. The relevance of the omitted/CENSORED pages of T&H are this: The Bank of England (a Rothschild controlled entity) under Montagu Norman contracted with Hjelmar Schact, known as Hitler’s Banker, to create an international clearing house called The Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. By manipulating the price of gold and the other markets, the acolytes of Cecil Rhodes (seeking to conquer the world through an Anglo-American Establishment) could leverage the Evolution of Civilizations and use Human Nature to control Human Beings, or as Norbert Weiner would later say “Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics”.

Last but not least:

According to Quigley’s bibliography (copied & pasted below), the book that is truncated (containing only half the book) actually has a different title (“The World Since 1939: A History”), and is only 676 pages:

  •        Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. 1966, New York: Macmillan, 1348 pages. Reprinted by Rancho Palos Verdes: GSG & Associates, 1975, ISBN 0-913022-14-4 and ISBN 0-945001-10-XFull text.(pp. 62–63 missing)
    • The World Since 1939: A History. (A reprint of the second half of Tragedy and Hope.) 1968, New York: Collier Books, 676 pp.

There is an ongoing discussion in our private research community (which contains a blog with a link to the full online pdf version, as well as a link to the missing pages for anyone who needs them) within the “T&H (the book) study group”, if you’d like to check it out, here is an invite to the community:  http://tragedyandhope.ning.com/?xgi=4s4XYG4K2Yaomr

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