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Peace Revolution episode 087: Privacy & Surveillance / The Future of Freedom vs. The Architecture of Oppression


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(0m-1h23m) Richard’s Introductory Montage:

  1. Sample: Privacy’s Dead. What Happens Next? By Tom Scott
  2. Sample 1 from the Munk Debate on State Surveillance: Greenwald/Ohanian vs Hayden/Dershowitz
  3. Brzezinski’s thoughts on Mass surveillance by Patrick Wood
  4. Sample 2 from the Munk Debate / Glenn Greenwald
  5. Bitter Lake by Adam Curtis / FDR Saudi relationship / oil for Wahabis
  6. Sample 3 from the  Munk Debate / Gen. Michael Hayden
  7. MI6 agent St. John Philby handling Arab Nazis Mujahedeen, Philby’s son sells terrorist network to Allen Dulles & CIA / John Loftus w. Dave Emory
  8. CIA Torture Memo 2015
  9. Dan Carlin / WWI British Tapped American Messages on the Atlantic Cable / Hardcore History 54- Blueprint for Armageddon V
  10. School Sucks Podcast #337 /  discussion on Saudis, Afghanistan, and Adam Curtis’ films including “Bitter Lake”
  11. Bitter Lake / Opium Production Optimized by Dams, U.S. and U.K. prosper
  12. Obama with British Prime Minister David Cameron on the “Special Relationship”, cyber-security, and the War on Terror (ISIS)
  13. A Yank at Eton / Mickey Rooney
  14. Sample 2 Obama Prime Min
  15. Chomsky on Surveillance state
  16. Chomsky on Civil Liberties
  17. Zbig Brzezinski / Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist (Documentary by James Corbett)
  18. Hayden “Whodunnit?”… let’s look at the first 2 reels…
  19. Sample 2 School Sucks Podcast #337
  20. Brzezinski’s thoughts on Mass surveillance by Patrick Wood
  21. Zbigniew Brzezinski quote
  22. Hillary Clinton / The U.S. and British Governments created Al Qaeda (lies and says it was Soviet Invasion as the “Why” we did it)
  23. Corbett / Al Qaeda doesn’t exist
  24. Sample 4 from the Munk Debate / Greenwald
  25. BBC: Al Qaeda doesn’t Exist – The Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis
  26. Sample 5 from the Munk Debate / Alexis Ohanian

(1h23m-1h50m) Richard’s Introductory Monologue

(1h50m-9h30m) Bill Binney Interview + Round Table Commentary Discussion & Notes

(9h30m-11h) Fourth Amendment Debate / Munk Debate on Privacy and Surveillance

(11h-12h) Patrick Wood / Technocracy and the Trilateral Commission

(12h-14h24m) America’s Surveillance State



2015-02-23 Peace Revolution 087 Rountable Notes and References by 8thestate


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