History… Connected: Research Discussion on MKULTRA, Cybernetics, Public Schooling, the Psychedelic Revolution, and Social Control

Author: Richard GroveApril 15, 2013
Tags:58, arts, autonomy, carroll, cecil, classical, cole, cybernetics, english, gnostic, grove, henry, hope, irvin, jan, jp morgan, kevin, liberal, luce, media, method, mkultra, odening, pilgrims, psychedelic, quigley, revolution, rhodes, richard, socialism, society, subproject, tragedy, trivium, wasson

This is a research discussion featuring Jan Irvin and Kevin Cole, filmed April 10, 2013; the discussion includes: MKULTRA Subproject #58 (the May 13, 1957 Life Magazine launch of the psychedelic revolution), Pilgrims Society, CFR, CIA, Cybernetics, Public Education, the Classical Trivium (used to collectivize individuals) and Social Control.

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