20/20 Hindsight: CENSORSHIP on the Frontline

Subtitled: A Wall Street whistleblower proves that money never sleeps.

Production Date: 2010

Produced by: Paul Verge and Richard Grove

Directed by: Paul Verge

Cover Art by: Greg Hardesty

Runtime: 1hr 26m (1 DVD)

Summary: From the back-cover of the DVD: “Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker Paul Verge brings us a revealing interview with Wall Street whistleblower-turned-artist, Richard Andrew Grove; therein exposing the (Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How) of the recent economic decline, which could have been prevented in 2003. Furthermore, 20/20 illustrates how the “regulators” and “authorities” (along with the corporate media), planned, perpetrated, and profited from a fraud so massive that it drained America and Americans of nearly $200 Trillion Dollars… all through a series of Ponzi-schemes, which could have been exposed years earlier… but weren’t.”

This interview also includes solutions, documents, and references; asking only that you consider the information – THINK FOR YOURSELF – and communicate with others in order to share a higher-level of awareness, thus protecting ourselves from financial predators. This presentation is offered as a public service of the subscribers of the Tragedy and Hope online community, which is an international research and study group, composed of individuals who have screened our productions, and seek to take the next-steps in enacting strategic solutions.

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