The Paris Attacks, ISIS, and Anglo-American Support of Radical Islam

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiDecember 1, 2015
Tags:Jay Dyer Esoteric Hollywood Jay's Analysis Talk Network Natural News, The 11/13/15 Paris Attacks ISIS and Anglo-American Support of Radical Islam, Tim Kelly Our Interesting Times podcast, Tragedy and Hope Carroll Quigley

Jay Dyer joins Tim Kelly on “Our Interesting Times” podcast to discuss the 11/13 Paris attacks, ISIS, false flag terrorism, destabilization, and the history of Anglo-American support for radical Islam.  They also talk about Carroll Quigley’s magnum opus Tragedy & Hope and the dialectic trap set by the oligarchs.  Then they delve into the infiltration of religious institutions by intelligence agencies and secret societies.

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Jay’s website is, & he’s the host of Esoteric Hollywood

Tim Kelly’s podcast can be found here: Our Interesting Times

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