The Ebola Effect: Hyping the Next Bioweapon For Fear and Profit

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiAugust 26, 2014
Tags:Corbett Report, Ebola virus, medical martial law

Published on Aug 12, 2014

The Corbett Report: Are you worried about the ebola pandemic? Should you be? Is it hype? Real? A false flag? Bioterrorism? A Big Pharma scam? Join James today on The Corbett Report podcast as he peels back the layers of the ebola onion and exposes the pandemic endgame.


Ebola: Panic or Pandemic? – An open source investigation
Time Reference: 02:05
WHO FAQ on Ebola virus disease
Time Reference: 06:55
Study suggesting that Ebola can be transmissible through the air
Time Reference: 08:18
Experts say transmission of Ebola virus by air possible
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Treatment of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever with Blood Transfusions from Convalescent Patients
Time Reference: 11:00
Ebola hemorrhagic fever: evaluation of passive immunotherapy in nonhuman primates
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Toddler was ‘patient zero’ who triggered Ebola outbreak
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Guinea: Ebola epidemic declared, MSF launches emergency response
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Ebola virus disease in Guinea ( Situation as of 24 March 2014)
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WHO Update on June 16: 333 deaths, deadliest outbreak ever
Time Reference: 14:23
List of Ebola outbreaks
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Ebola: UN agency to help West Africa coordinate response to ‘unprecedented’ outbreak
Time Reference: 15:57
Health Ministers agree on priority actions to end Ebola outbreak in West Africa
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Treating the Ebola virus in Hamburg
Time Reference: 16:47
2002 USAMRIID procedures for treating Ebola patients
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August 11 update from WHO
Time Reference: 19:15
Episode 086 – Medical Martial Law
Time Reference: 21:27
George Bush speaks about medical martial law in October 2005
Time Reference: 22:25
The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
Time Reference: 25:01
Want to Know What Martial Law over Ebola Will Look Like? Check Out What’s Happening Right Now in Africa
Time Reference: 27:27
Associated Press: Troops Deployed in Liberia
Time Reference: 28:01
Sierra Leone Deploys Troops in Ebola Crisis
Time Reference: 28:37
Ebola developments trigger CDC’s highest response level
Time Reference: 28:49
WHO declares Public Health Emergency of International Concern
Time Reference: 29:08
International Health Regulations
Time Reference: 29:28
Stephen Morrison on what the WHO can do under PHEIC
Time Reference: 30:21
Council of Europe condemns “unjustified scare” over swine flu
Time Reference: 32:34
Time Reference: 34:08
Time Reference: 35:15
Time Reference: 36:12
Aid workers flown in on suspected CIA torture plane
Time Reference: 39:51
ZMapp connections to Army, DARPA, USAMRIID
Time Reference: 40:26
Tekmira Ebola therapy placed on hold
Time Reference: 41:24
FDA allows limited use of Ebola drug. Stock spikes 45%
Time Reference: 42:01
Ebola outbreak is not an investing opportunity (yet)
Time Reference: 42:13
AIDS And Ebola Found To Use Same Mechanism To Spread In Body
Time Reference: 43:41
West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?
Time Reference: 45:48
Sierra Leone Closes US Bioweapons Lab At Centre of Ebola Outbreak
Time Reference: 46:44
Anna Brix Thomsen on “Utopia” predictive programming
Time Reference: 49:15
joan.redmond on Russian biowarfare research
Time Reference: 50:41
Scientist Working on Gov’t Ebola Drug Joked About Culling Population with GMO Virus
Time Reference: 54:31
Professor’s population speeches unnerve some
Time Reference: 59:37
Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Detention of Americans With ‘Respiratory Illnesses’
Time Reference: 1:00:48
Executive Order 13295: Revised List Of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases
Time Reference: 1:01:03
CDC Patent: Human ebola virus species and compositions and methods thereof
Time Reference: 1:02:38
Clock Rooting Further Demonstrates that Guinea 2014 EBOV is a Member of the Zaïre Lineage
Time Reference: 1:04:17
Scientists race to patent SARS virus
Time Reference: 1:05:15

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