The Anglo-American Establishment: A Ph.D.-Level Reading List by Kevin Cole

Author: Richard GroveAugust 31, 2017
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I recently asked Kevin Cole for a list of books that he’s found to be super-valuable in the search to understand the Anglo American Establishment’s goal of a centralized global government.

About a week later, he sent me this list. I’ve read many of these books already and I encourage you to seek out something that seems interesting and dig in.

These books are listed in no particular order, and they are linked to Kevin Cole’s Amazon Affiliate account to boost his ability to research these topics.

Happy Learning!

Fall 2017 Reading List on the historical lineage of the Anglo American Establishment and the legacy of Cecil Rhodes


Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Carroll Quigley

Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley (1981-01-10) by Carroll Quigley

The Evolution of Civilizations by Carroll Quigley

Builders of Empire: Freemasons and British Imperialism, 1717-1927 by Jessica Harland-Jacobs

Civitas Dei by Lionel Curtis 

Pilgrims and Pioneers by Harry Brittain

Alexander Hamilton: An essay on American Union by F.S. Oliver

Union Now by Clarence Streit

Getting US Into War by Porter Sargent

Getting Us Into War (Classic Reprint) by Porter Sargent

War And Education by Porter Sargent

Lothian: Philip Kerr and the Quest for World Order (Contributions to the Study of World History) by David P. Billington

Selling War: The British Propaganda Campaign against American “Neutrality” in World War II by Nicholas J. Cull

The Poisoned Loving-Cup ;: United States school histories falsified through pro-British propaganda in sweet name of amity, by Charles Grant Miller

The Pan-Angles: A Consideration of the Federation of the Seven English-Speaking Nations (Classic Reprint) by Sinclair Kennedy

The English-Speaking Peoples: Their Future Relations and Joint International Obligations [1917 ] by George Beer

Africa as a Living Laboratory: Empire, Development, and the Problem of Scientific Knowledge, 1870-1950 by Helen Tilley

Imperial Ecology: Environmental Order in the British Empire, 1895-1945 by Peder Anker

Building the Kingdom of God on Earth: The Churches’ Contribution to Marshal Public Support for World Order and Peace, 1919-1945 by Martin Erdmann

The Cliveden Set: Portrait of an Exclusive Fraternity by Rose Norman

Imperial Brain Trust: The Council on Foreign Relations and United States Foreign Policy by Laurence Shoup and William Minter

Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy by Joe Plummer

Federal Britain: A History by John Kendle

The Politics of World Federation: From World Federalism to Global Governance by Joseph P. Baratta 

The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed

The Rise and Fall of Diamonds: The Shattering of a Brilliant Illusion by Edward Jay Epstein

Parkin: Canada’s Most Famous Forgotten Man by William Christian

Cowboys Into Gentlemen: Rhodes Scholars, Oxford, and the Creation of an American Elite (New Directions in Anthropology; 10) by Thomas Schaeper

The Royal Over-Seas League: From Empire into Commonwealth, A History of the First 100 Years by Adele Smith

The Colonizer’s Model of the World: Geographical Diffusionism and Eurocentric History by J.M. Blaut

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