Meria Heller

Independent Media Host: Meria Heller




Productions: The Meria Heller Show (Subscriber-Only), The Weekly Free Show, and The Meria Heller Show on Progressive Radio Network (Saturday nights @ 7pm EST)

Focus: The first to broadcast on the internet, in a time where there was no such thing, Meria has been producing, hosting, and publishing her own show for over 11 years. Meria specializes in world-class interviews on a broad spectrum of topics, she gives her guests carte blanche to speak their minds; depending on you to do your own critical thinking to make your own conclusions. Providing an atmosphere which seeks out truth in all its forms, Meria publishes 4-5 shows per week, consistently rounding-up interesting minds and controversial topics.

Summary: “I discovered Meria’s work only a few days before she discovered mine. This was back in 2006, and I had been sending a 1-hour CD message out to media hosts, researchers, and other outspoken people, in an attempt to bring certain relevant-yet-unpublicized facts and connections (pertinent to corporate personalities involved in 9-11), to their attention. After 40-50 failed attempts, I got a response from Katherine Albrecht (Author of SpyChips), and that led me to re-record my message; this resulted in the 2-hour “Project Constellation” 2-CD set. During that re-recording period, I was doing research on an author, who recently had done an interview with a woman named Meria Heller. I subscribed to listen, and discovered that the host (Meria) was more interesting than the author, she seemed to really do her reading and homework, ask intelligent questions, and not only care about the answers given, but also ask intuitive and relevant follow-up questions, spontaneously, based on her years of interviewing experience. That same day, I wrote her a letter, introducing myself and including a copy of Project Constellation on CD. It was Memorial Day weekend coming up, so I rushed to make the UPS “last drop off” time at the local airport. Luckily, Meria received the CDs on Friday, listened to them on Saturday, and on Sunday left me a message requesting to publish the message (contained in Project Constellation) to her subscribers around the world, as well as on the internet as her “free show”. I hadn’t planned on this message to be published publicly, I simply was trying to communicate with others who I hoped had enough context to understand and share some insights… after so many failures and non-responses, I recognized the opportunity which Meria was presenting, and though I had a gut-feeling of uneasiness and risk; I knew that in order for me to learn, progress, grow, and eventually understand, that I would first have to embrace the internet, and post signs for others- so that they too can avoid peril. Meria published the 2-CD message on Memorial Day 2006 (05/31/2006), and ever since then it has been a proverbial sign-post on the internet, saying “you are Here”, and pointing the way to Cognitive Liberty. That’s what Project Constellation was about, Meria was the single person who recognized the potential and took effective action to publish the message therein, to the planet. Without her courage, consistency, and bold actions… I might still be living in fear of a world unknown, and unexplored; because of her actions, and my choice to embrace the unknown, reliant on reason to help me navigate, my choices have enabled me to flourish in producing more than 250 hours of Podcasts, Films, and Interviews… including this site, and all of the content on it. That’s why Meria will always be a source of Hope, and her 1000’s of interviews will continue to resonate into the Future.” – Richard Grove

Caveats:   Meria is a strong-willed warrior of truth, who grew up in Brooklyn, New York. Though she now resides in Arizona, she’s yet-unwilling to relinquish her robust Brooklyn attitude, and “calls ’em as she sees ’em”, if you will; so if you’re prepared to overcome that mental-obstacle, you’re well acclimated to explore Meria’s 10-years of fantastic interviews!