T&H on the Meria Heller Show / The Ultimate History Lesson

Author: Richard GroveFebruary 22, 2012

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Richard Grove

T&H on the Meria Heller Show / The Ultimate History Lesson

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From Meria.net: “2/21/12 Tragedy and Hope with Meria & Richard Grove. The Ultimate History Lesson – John Taylor Gatto. The history, root-causes and consequences of public schooling; Who is John Taylor Gatto? the return of our birthright; jobs and early America (and not so early); slave mentality and public education; Sun Bear on jobs; predators designed the system, it’s not broken it was created this way; Frederick Douglas; the concept of authority; salute the flag? same old players: Rockefellers, Carnegie, Fords; the orphan trains; pedophilia; pubic schools put you in your place and make you dependent; eugenics; acting in contradiction to our own needs; Darwin’s “master race” – “favored races”; Bill Gates and eugenics – Monsanto,GM,Chemtrails, geo-engineering, vaccines; the strength of the family and survival; evil-functions of irrationality; learn your way out! creating a gulag in the USA; schools design to extend childhood; killing the skilled worker; independent livelihoods; and loads more info. Meria highly recommends this 5 DVD set – share it with your children.”

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