School Sucks

Independent Media Host: Brett Veinotte



Productions: The School Sucks Podcast on podOmatic, and the School Sucks Project official YouTube page

Focus: Brett publishes a consistent flow of reasonable questions, leading to stimulating conversations with students, teachers, authors, and everyone who realizes that public schooling is not the best path to education.

Summary: “When one hears a phrase like “school sucks” one likely either agrees, or has to consider witnessing their own Stockholm syndrome; after hearing Brett’s podcast years ago, I realized that it would be worth my time to go back and re-read the books I had gathered on the origins of the compulsory public school system. It was only upon re-reading books like “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto, that I began to connect the dots between America being dumbed down, and why I couldn’t find any responsible  “authorities”  to realize the overwhelming frauds which I had been trying to point out to the public for years.  Through what I learned from Brett, and his inspiring me to do more examination into the roots and root-causes of “public schooling” I realized that “people don’t get it, even if you explain it to them, because they were indoctrinated by the school system for 15,000+ hours *specifically* so that we do not communicate effectively with others.  There, in that single sentence, lies the reason why America became incoherent, and is on the brink of self-destruction. Listening to the School Sucks Podcast isn’t about hearing someone complain about the problems; it’s about someone who understands the problems, trying his best to create constructive solutions. Brett has consistent integrity, honesty, and even a bit of humor in his productions, and his diligent efforts will be recognized more and more often, as people awake from their slumber and enjoy the Cognitive Liberty brought on by Brett’s body of productions, past/present/and future.” – Richard Grove

Caveats:   Brett thinks its reasonable to subscribe to a philosophy of non-aggression, meaning that he doesn’t use force, fraud, force, or other forms of coercion to communicate his message, so if you’re prepared to overcome that mental-obstacle, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the streams of conscious communication which Brett has embedded through the School Sucks Podcast.

Distributed Wisdom Begins with Knowledge and Ends with Sharing.
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