Revelations and Revolutions / Richard Grove on Truther Talk Radio

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiNovember 6, 2013
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Summary:  In Truther Talk Episode 53: Revelations and Revolutions!!! April and Virstyne talk to 9/11 whistleblower and founder of, Richard Grove.

In 2003, Richard Grove filed for federal whistleblower protection under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. 

In 2006, he released on mp3 a 2-hour public disclosure “Project Constellation: A Message to the Future of America”.  What may have sounded like conspiracy “theories” in 2006 (Data-Mining and Spying on Citizens, The Planning of Financial Catastrophes, NSA/Google, and Corporate Media partaking in the demolition of our civil liberties), proves today to be relevant and verifiable historical facts related by Richard during his public disclosure via Project Constellation, and evident in his continued productions ever since.

Since then, Richard has created more than 500 hours of educational and informative media productions, including a comprehensive conscious curriculum to teach individuals methods for learning anything and everything for themselves (a.k.a.. “The Peace Revolution Podcast”).
In June of 2013 Tragedy and Hope and Free Mind Films released “State of Mind: The Psychology of Control; about the mind control agenda by the global elite through public education and the media.
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