(New Series!) History… So It Doesn’t Repeat

Author: Richard GroveFebruary 26, 2012

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Richard Grove

(New Series!) History… So It Doesn’t Repeat

From Peace Revolution episode 050, minutes 18-41 (Chip-In widget is at the bottom of this page):

“We’ve been working hard over the past several weeks, in addition to the fundraising we’ve been doing for John Taylor Gatto on various radio shows, we’ve also been planning a new video series, which will be launched in the next few weeks. You’ll hear more about the fundraising effort for John, later in this episode, so I’ll take a few moments now to sketch out the ideas which brought us to the conclusion of launching a new video series.

To preface what I’m going to describe, I’ll cut to the chase of why I’m sharing it with you, and it is for this simple fact, which I’ll then elaborate upon.

I’d like you to consider being an “Associate Creator” of our new project, and in order for you to have something of substance worth considering, I’d like to take a few moments to explain the context, so that you can have a coherent understanding of where this idea came from, where it is right now, and where it’s going, in the very near future.

As you may recall, prior to filming the interview with John Taylor Gatto known as The Ultimate History Lesson, we made What You’ve Been Missing: Exposing the Noble Lie, and to this day, lisa and I get emails illustrating that the content is still fresh and people find it useful. Our intention with WYBM was to provide a video based series which would act as a platform to showcase the research and educational content of Tragedy and Hope and our partners, in such a way that could easily be shared with friends and family. In reality, we discovered that while the end result was very effective, that the time and cost of production were beyond our current abilities to be funded… so we put it on the back burner, hoping that we would see an increase in subscriptions after releasing The Ultimate History Lesson.

Parallel to that, I realized the flaws inherent to the traditional “news” show presentation so commonly copied throughout our culture… and I put some thinking into how to improve the experience of consuming and digesting useful and nutritious information, and here’s what I discovered:

The traditional “nightly news” model is a composite of needs, made manifest in the method of publication, so let’s observe what we’ve been consuming:

  1. We’ve learned through our life experience, through our own 5-senses, that the nightly news model is incoherent, what is shown to you depends not on educating you, but rather, events which happened to occur that day. This observation is further validated by Neil Postman, in his various books, including “Amusing Ourselves To Death” and “How to Watch TV News”.
  2. We’ve also learned that the nightly news model is out of context, aforementioned it supplies events which are not organized and juxtaposed to history, which makes each “nightly news” episode something which is disposable, and is only useful to people in the future mining for facts, and on that basis, it should consist only of facts.
  3. We can also readily observe that the nightly news model is fragmented, culling together a myriad of stories, which even if they do apply to you, specifically do not provide the information necessary to enable individuals to make informed decision, and thus is a clever deception to enable procrastination and dependence on the “nightly news” source, instead of learning how to observe, identify, remove contradictions, and take meaningful action.
  4. We can also observe the nightly news model copied throughout human culture, and identify that it is highly compartmentalized, tightly governed, such that the so-called important “news” is able to consistently fit in to a 30 or 60 minute program, complete with breaks for commercials… it never goes over its allotted time, because what they’re showing you doesn’t really matter… what matters is that you tune in, stop thinking, and watch the commercials, with the so-called most important “news” sprinkled at the end, to ensure all the advertisers can depend on you watching the entire show.
  5. We can likewise observe that the corporate “news” model is based on the advocacy of violence as a solution, as the default setting. All it takes is a little uncertainty and ignorance to cause the average person to advocate a coercive plan for just about anything, and corporate news stimulates uncertainty and ignorance, and is the cause for such things, not the solution.

What do those observations tell you? It tells me the needs being served are not those of the viewers, in fact, the needs being met are the profits of the producers and advertisers, at the cost of breaking trust with the audience and providing information which lacks integrity.

Here’s what I concluded, as a result of observing, asking a few questions, and finding valid answers:

I don’t have a need for incoherent, out-of-context, fragmented, and compartmentalized information of any sort. I do not appreciate paying with my time, not of my own volition, to listen to corporate ads which push poison in its many forms. I do not have any need for government-written scripts posing as news stories. I have no need for purposeful disinformation, highly-produced propaganda, nor do I need some multi-million dollar news reader to squint and smirk into the teleprompter. I don’t need green-screen composite or multi-million dollar graphics studios to participate in my consumption of necessary information. I have no need to take the irrational perspectives of my natural predators, as my own belief.

So apparently, from a logical, reasonable, process of observation and analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the traditional “nightly news” model does not provide me with anything I need, and thus, in my life, the traditional “nightly news” model is therefore, obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller is famous for his observations, and here’s 2 of my favorites:

“Don’t fight forces, use them.”


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

I then asked the question: “What do I need”, and “What do I need, that I’m not currently getting to my satisfaction?”

The answers: I need a coherent format to inform myself in a way that is useful, a format which provides historical context as juxtaposed to current events, and enables a cogent, continuous, comprehensive perspective which continues to evolve as I continue to learn. Currently, given the “nightly news” model, I’m not getting any of that, and I think in order to outgrow the status quo we must first understand why things are the way they are.

The simple realization is that the “nightly news” is not made to educate us, it’s made to adjust us. That’s why the “nightly news” we see on TV and hear on the radio is all supported by the same people who use false flag tactics and deception to dehumanize others, and drive an economy based on warfare. NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, etc. are what they are for a reason, it’s not an accident. Recognizing this, we have the responsibility to integrate the facts of our objective reality, and evolve to understand how we could take strides towards getting what we actually need. Innovation is needed, the model has been proven obsolete, and we need to use the forces which exist to our advantage.

We have been indoctrinated through public school and corporate media to believe in pre-packaged COUNTERFEIT information, to trust the purveyors of lies with the belief that their products are comprised of knowledge. It is this belief, which led us all to eventually realize through our experience, that we were lied to, as a standard practice of the “nightly news”… that it was not there to inform us, but rather to shape our opinions, actions, thoughts, and reactions… and its time we retired it from use.

What shall we create in its place?

Let’s first ask the question: Do we need “nightly news”… indeed, we need some sort of ongoing process of integrating current events as juxtaposed to history, but the idea of nightly news doesn’t seem like it’s feasible or reasonable. It seems that it would be more useful to have 1 episode of weekly substance which could be digested and integrated throughout the week, and if these episodes were organized such that relevant events were being compared and contrasted to the history which needs to be learned in any case, to understand the cause-and-effect relationships, without which, one could not effectively navigate in the form of accurate and precise decision making.

The idea of what we need is an observation of that which we do not have, so what do we need to actually create, and of what does it need to be comprised?

I’d like to see a change in the world which meets our needs for actionable information, which would be illustrated by creating a weekly or bi-weekly interactive forum with a default-setting of logic, reason, and non-aggression, which could be taped live and then shared via video, containing educational content consisting of facts, sources, and resources, integrating all the Tragedy and Hope media partners, providing live interviews over skype, and allowing subscribers to the T&H community to view the production of these episodes live on uStream, enabling questions to be asked, whereby valid answers could be discovered, bringing yet another useful stream of consciousness into the community, while also providing hefty components which are useful to understanding a comprehensive perspective of reality, to the public… leaving a true reflection of our history, so that future generations do not repeat the folly of our respective generations.

Doing a nightly live news show is not feasible, due to the costs of live streaming beyond what we can leverage for free, and a live nightly show does not avail enough time to do the research necessary to make useful components of self-learning. We feel that a weekly show might even be too aggressive an idea to pursue at first, due to the bottlenecks in capturing and editing footage from the various cameras together, but that until we raise the funds to get additional equipment, that 1 show every 2 weeks to start off with is an achievable objective, and if we’re blessed with enough support to get the additional equipment necessary to mix the video into 1 stream and decrease our time of post-production by several days, then we might be able to do weekly shows that much sooner.

Obviously, this project is not something which lisa and I can afford on our own, but then again we’re not creating it for ourselves alone, we’re creating it for intelligent people who consciously recognize the value of investing in innovative and useful ideas which benefit multitudes, at a fraction of the cost which corporate nightly news media needs… we find it takes less money to produce truth than it does fiction.

Realizing both the success of What You’ve Been Missing, and its weak-points, we’ve designed a series which has no green-screens, no scripts, no teleprompters, and none of the painstakingly long processes of post-production which we disliked anyway, and what we’re keeping is a simple set, with in-studio guests as well as interviews, debates, and field-trips employing the latest in video communications technologies. It’s a mix of everything we’ve found to work, subtracting all that we found too strenuous to reproduce quickly, consistently, and accurately.

Another example would be to compare what we’re trying to do, to someone who does something similar in an effort to fill the void left by the traditional corporate news model.

For instance, Alex Jones produces his own version of the Nightly News, differentiating his version by his non-use of teleprompters and scripts and the fact his show is not funded by multi-billion dollar predator corporations. That being said, simply reproducing the nightly news model is expensive, not to mention the fact that reproducing something that doesn’t comprehensively meet the audiences’ needs is not something that should be copied… it should be studied, and innovated, creating something new and useful.

The example I’m drawing is this: To do what he does, Alex Jones has approximately 34 employees in various departments, and has a yearly budget of approximately $3 million dollars, and while I applaud him in his success of bringing the resources together, I can only imagine what we could do comparatively if we had a fraction of such funding, and I see a number of ways to do more, with less.

I am confident that I could produce a high-quality weekly series, which more accurately and precisely fits the needs of those of us seeking to gain the edge on the mounting idiocracy stimulated by the traditional corporate news model.

I am likewise confident that given the equipment we’ve already invested in, that we could produce such a series as I’ve described, starting in a few weeks, if we were to raise enough to purchase a few essential pieces of equipment. Having more than 60% of the equipment already in the form of cameras and a few lights, which is needed to launch such an optimistic project, we feel confident that we can get a lot closer, simply by sharing the idea, and letting individuals choose whether or not they’d like to participate.

To initiate this fundraising effort, I’m going to make the following offer, which I’m hoping logical and reasonable listeners with the means to take action, will not choose to refuse:

In order to launch the new video series, lisa and I need to raise about $6,000 to cover the costs of purchasing the equipment necessary to complete setting up the stage and studio which will be used for this ongoing weekly project. That number is the sum of the costs of the video mixer, additional lighting, microphones, cables, chairs, monitors, and computer to run the various elements of the production, to name a few of the costs.

What I can say is this: we’re close enough to doing this that we’ve decided we’re definitely moving forward, even if we didn’t raise another $1, however the funds I’m seeking to raise right now would enable us to produce the show in ½ of the time, meaning instead of once a month or every other week, that we could consistently produce a weekly show of high production value which delivers useful information in a way which is full of meaning.

To that end, I’m offering a free copy of The Ultimate History Lesson dvd set, or blu ray disc, and access to the new group which will feature our new video series, to anyone who contributes $50-$100 to this project, and I am offering an “Associate Creator” credit and a Ultimate History Lesson Research Bonus Pack to anyone who can donate $100 or more, and this Associate Creator credit will also grant you access to the exclusive group within the Tragedy and Hope community, wherein each episode will be posted, at least 1 week before it is published for public viewing.

Group members will also be able to watch live productions of the show, once we get that wired up, and thereby interactive questions and answers can be integrated, providing a level of focused communication not available on any “nightly news” type program. If you’re already a subscriber to the T&H community, it’s designed to be your show, where you can also have the opportunity to participate in the show, in a variety of ways.

We will have the occasion to have “Associate Producers” on individual future episodes, but those who participate in the actual fundraising to finish off the list of items needed to get the production of episodes rolling, will be memorialized as the “Associate Creators” of the show itself, and if not already a subscriber to T&H, the Associate Creator credit enables the same level of access to our exclusive content.

Now, here in my opinion, is possibly the most inspiring and optimistic turn of events:

In the development of these ideas over the past few weeks, I was made an offer which I’d like to engage upon, and that opportunity is this: A member of the Tragedy and Hope community has stepped up and volunteered as an Executive Producer, and he has offered to match your donations up to $3,000, meaning that if among the rest of us we can raise $3,000, he’ll donate the other half, and with the equipment we’ve already acquired, in addition to the funds raised, we’d have a show, and could commence finalizing pre-production in the next week or so.

Many hands make light work, and if we’re going to shine some light into the darkness, we’re going to have to work together, and do what we each can to make this subjective potential into an objective reality.

That all being said, there are 3 ways to engage and support this project:

  1. You can use the donate buttons on the right-side navigation bar located at Tragedy and Hope.com, the T&H community, and also on PeaceRevolution.org
    1. Note “History…” in your payment message if you can
  2. You can click on the “Chip-in” widget located in the T&H online community.
  3. You can email me at [email protected] and get our address to send a donation via snail-mail.

In closing, and as my call to action, I’ll note that George Santayana never said the following phrase, and the controversy over this topic seems to preclude the usefulness from being made manifest in the minds of the audience, so I’m going to say it, and now I’m going to quote myself from now on, to avoid the controversy.

Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

I’ve linked the article in the episode notes, which illustrates that those who misquote George Santayana are condemned to paraphrase him; which reminded me, that even as I try to put a name on this idea, one must remain vigilant and not assume that what we think we know is actually the reality we’re seeking to understand. Which brings us, to the fact that, last but not least, we’ll need a name which describes the form and function of our new video series, and logically it seems that History would be the (what), and the (why) would be so it doesn’t repeat.

“You’re watching History, So it Doesn’t Repeat.” It says what it is, and why we’re doing it, and that’s more than most content does to invite viewers to check it out and spread the word.

If you have witnessed enough evidence to understand the meaning of the phrase “Those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”, then join me in trying to do something bigger than ourselves as individuals, and yet meets our needs in ways that organizations much larger and wealthier than we, can never evolve to do. If you recognize that in order to have something which is innovative, that logical and reasonable innovations should be considered, validated, nurtured, and protected… for it is the innovative nature that is a product of curiosity and learning how things work in the world, and without innovation we can never solve the problems we face, together as human beings.” – Richard Grove

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