Peace Revolution episode 071: The Law of Identity vs. The Monopoly of Force


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(0m-9m) Sibel Edmonds explains who’s at the Top of the Pyramid with James Corbett (Video)

Light from Darkness” by City of the Fallen (film trailer music company)

All about the Benjamins” (Instrumental Version), Original Version

(9m-20m) Richard Grove interviewed by Abby Martin on RT’s “Breaking the Set” (Russia Today)

(20m-33m) Richard Grove interviewed by Gary Franchi on WHDT & Next News Network

(33m-41m) Richard’s introductory monologue

(41m-2h14m) History… Debate: Stefan Molyneux vs. Tom Willcutts (Is Government fundamentally Immoral?)

(2h14m-3h14m) None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen

(3h14m-4h15m) The Rothschilds: The World’s First Trillion Dollar Family

(4h15m-6h27m) An Introduction to the Law of Identity and the Axioms from which one derives Freedom

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