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Peace Revolution episode 068: From Feudalism to Agenda 21


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Reference Map to Episode 068:PR-coverart-episode 068

(01m-02m) 12-year old girl discovers all presidents related to King John

(02m-11m) “Agenda 21 Stealth Takeover Exposed” by the Infowars Team

(11m-29m) Richard’s introductory monologue

The Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility & Desirability of Peace” by Leonard C. Lewin

Paolo Sarpi on Wikipedia

Contarini on Wikipedia

(50m-2h34) “Behind the Green Mask” / Rosa Koire interviewed by Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio

(2h34-4h24) Walter Veith “The Beamable Sustainable Princes

(4h24-5h20)Webster Tarpley “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor

(5h20-end) Webster Tarpley interviewed by Henrik Palmgren “The Venetian Conspiracy

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