Peace Revolution episode 061: Cybernetics, Technocracy, and Agenda 21 / The Revolution is in Between Your Ears

Author: Richard GroveJuly 26, 2012
Tags:21, agenda, cybernetics, gatto, george, hunt, john, norbert, patrick, rothschild, taylor, technorcacy, UNCED, wiener, wood

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Richard Grove

Peace Revolution episode 061: Cybernetics, Technocracy, and Agenda 21 / The Revolution is in Between Your Ears

Reference Map to Episode 061:


(minutes 0-2) Star Trek and Books (on YouTube)


(2m-9m) Agenda 21’s Public-Private Partnership Strategy by Joan Veon (on YouTube)


(9m-13m) Learned Helplessness (on YouTube)


(13m-20m) Richard’s opening monologue


(20m-1h) Technocracy by Patrick Wood (on YouTube)


(1h-2h) Corbett Report # 230 Social Engineering by James Corbett


(2h-3h20) Agenda 21 Explained, by John Anthony (on YouTube)


(3h20-4h) U.N. Earth Summit 1992: Making World Government A Reality by George Washington Hunt (on YouTube)


        (Document) 1992 U.N.C.E.D. (Agenda 21) Documents from George Washington Hunt (on Scribd)


(Person) Maurice Strong (on Wikipedia)


(Person) Edmund de Rothschild (on Wikipedia)


(4h-4h-40) History of U.N. Disarmament and U.N. gun-ban treaty July 2012 by Bob Dacy and Alex Jones (on YouTube)


(4h40-5h) Samples from “The Net” cybernetics and psywar documentary (on YouTube)


(5h-6h20) Hour 1 of a 6-hour Cybernetics Tutorial and History by Professor Umpleby (on YouTube)


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