Peace Revolution episode 039: 9-11 BACKDRAFT / Examining the Evidence Ten Years Later

Author: Richard GroveSeptember 11, 2011

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Richard Grove

Peace Revolution episode 039: 9-11 BACKDRAFT / Examining the Evidence Ten Years Later

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  1. Backdraft (1991) starring Robert DeNiro (trailer on YouTube)
  2. Announcement of Assassination of John F. Kennedy (on YouTube)
  3. NYC Radio Dial Scan from the night John Lennon was Assassinated (on YouTube)
  4. FBI foreknowledge of 1993 WTC Bombing by Dan Rather for CBS (on YouTube)
  5. “After 9-11: Ten Years of War” by James Corbett (on YouTube)
  6. “Phantom Flight 11” NEADS Tapes (on YouTube)
  7. Larry Silverstein (WTC Leasholder) saying “pull-it” in relation to WTC 7 (on YouTube)
  8. “9/11: A Conspiracy Theory” (satire) by James Corbett (on YouTube)
  9. Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth: Experts Speak Out (on YouTube)
    1. To buy the DVD:
    2. AE911Truth
    3. Architects and Engineers Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 (on YouTube)
  10. “Air is Safe” EPA Christine Todd Whitman at Ground Zero 1 (on YouTube)
  11. “Air is Safe” EPA Christine Todd Whitman at Ground Zero 2 (on YouTube)
  12. CBS News: Study Shows Rise of Cancer in 9/11 Firefighters (September 1, 2011)
  13. “First Responders Banned from Ground Zero” by Alex Jones and Paul Watson (on YouTube)
  14. First Responder David Miller (on YouTube)
  15. 9-11 Commission Chairman runs from Family Members Questions (on YouTube)
  16. Epistemology (on Wikipedia)
    1. Epistemology (from Greek (epistēmē), meaning “knowledge, science”, and λόγος (logos), meaning “study of”) is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope (limitations) of knowledge. It addresses the questions: What is knowledge? How is knowledge acquired? How do we know what we know?
    2. much of the debate in this field has focused on analyzing the nature of knowledge and how it relates to connected notions such as truth, belief, and justification. It also deals with the means of production of knowledge, as well as skepticism about different knowledge claims. The term was introduced by the Scottish philosopher James Frederick Ferrier (1808–1864).
  17. Immanuel Kant (on Wikipedia)
  18. Georg Hegel (on Wikipedia)
  19. Johann Caspar Lavater (on Wikipedia)
  20. Johann Pestalozzi (on Wikipedia)
  21. Warren Buffett’s “Last Annual Golf Tournament”
  22. “Audio Tapes Released from 9/11 Archives, Majority of Records Still Sealed” by James Corbett (on YouTube)
  23. WKJO: Who Killed John O’Neill? (2005) by Ryan Thurston and Ty Rauber
    1. WKJO Official Website
    2. WKJO on Google Video
  24. Project Constellation (2006) by Richard Grove
    1. Transcript
    2. Download mp3 version
  25. Barry Jennings WTC 7 Interview (UNCUT) 20 min (on YouTube)
  26. Barry Jennings Mysterious Death (2 months after interview above) via Alex Jones (on YouTube)
  27. Epistemology (on Wikipedia)
    1. Definition (Plato’s Academy)
  28. Wilhelm Wundt, Ph.D. (on Wikipedia)
  29. Prussian Education System (on Wikipedia)
  30. Johann Fichte (on Wikipedia)
  31. James Bryant Conant / Prussian Education System (on Wikipedia)
  32.  “Usama Bin Laden: License to Kill” by Bernard Lewis (on Council on Foreign Relations dot com)
    1. A reference to “Justified Sinning”
      1. Bernard Lewis (on Wikipedia)
      2. Bernard Lewis on OBL, Iraq, and Iran (on YouTube)
      3. Bernard Lewis’ Map of the Middle East (on YouTube)
  33. Webster Tarpley’s “After the NeoCons” speaks of Bernard Lewis’s Map of the Middle East (on YouTube)
  34. “Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger” (on Council on Foreign Relations dot com)
    1. Entire Article on Harvard’s JFK School of Govt. Site
  35. Ashton Carter (on Wikipedia)
  36. John Deutch (on Wikipedia)
  37. Philip Zelikow (on Wikipedia)
    1. Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft” by Philip Zelikow and Condoleezza Rice
  38. 9-11 Insider Trading (on 9-11 Timeline)
  39. 9-11 Commission Report (the official “story” of 9-11)
  40. Thomas Kean (on Wikipedia)
  41. 9-11 Commission (on Wikipedia)
  42. Jerome Hauer (on Wikipedia)
  43. John P. O’Neill (on Wikipedia)
    1. (book) “The Man…”
  44. Marsh and McLennan Companies (on Wikipedia)
  45. Michael Cherkasky (on Wikipedia)
  46. Eliot Spitzer (on Wikipedia)
  47. Rudolph Giuliani (on Wikipedia)
  48. Robert Morganthau (on Wikipedia)
  49. BCCI Bank of Commerce and Credit International (on Wikipedia)
  50. Adnan Khashoggi (on Wikipedia)
  51. Salem bin Laden (on Wikipedia)
  52. James R. Bath (on Wikipedia)
  53. Clark Clifford (on Wikipedia)
  54. Khalid bin Mafouz (on Wikipedia)
  55. Harken Energy (on Wikipedia)
  56. Barry Seal (on Wikpedia)
  57. Richard ben Veniste (on Wikipedia)
  58. AIG American International Group (on Wikipedia)
  59. AIC American International Corporation (on Modern History Project)
  60. “It’s Just A Ride” by Bill Hicks (on YouTube)
  61. “Long Road” by Neil Young and Eddie Vedder (on YouTube)
    1. From the 9-11 Concert for Heroes, the week after 9-11-01

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