Peace Revolution episode 032: How College Subverts Students / Dumbing Us Down for Profit and Power

Author: Richard GroveJune 11, 2011
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Richard Grove

Peace Revolution episode 032: How College Subverts Students / Dumbing Us Down for Profit and Power

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7.     Navigating Netflix episode 01: “The Experiment” featuring: Paul Verge (of Remedy Radio), James Pilato (of Media Monarchy), Lisa Arbercheski and Richard Grove (of Tragedy and Hope)

a.    Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)

b.    Stanford Prison Experiment on YouTube

c.    “The Experiment” (2010) trailer on YouTube

d.    Dr. Philip Zimbardo

e.    Office of Naval Research (sponsor of 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment)

f.     Stanley Milgram

g.    Milgram Experiment @ Yale University (1961)

h.    Milgram Experiment on YouTube

8.     (audio)  John Taylor Gatto interview (2004) on Radio Free School, Canada

a.    John Taylor Gatto dot com

b.    John Taylor Gatto on Wikipedia

c.    Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto

d.    Dumbing us Down by John Taylor Gatto

e.    Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto

9.    (audio) The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (theme song)

10.  Definition: Collectivism

a.     “The socialistic theory of the collective ownership or control of all the means of production, and especially of the land, by the whole community or State, i.e. the people collectively, for the benefit of the people as a whole.” Source: Oxford English Dictionary

11.  Definition: Autonomy

a.     “The right of self-government, of making its own laws and administering its own affairs. Liberty to follow one’s will, personal freedom.” Source: Oxford English Dictionary

12.  Quote: “All schools, all colleges, have two great functions: to confer, and to conceal, valuable knowledge. The knowledge which they conceal cannot justly be regarded as less valuable than that which they reveal.” Mark Twain’s Notebook, 1908

13.  (video) Norman DoddThe Hidden Agenda: the role of Foundations in Education

a.    (transcript) The Hidden Agenda / Norman Dodd and G. Edward Griffin

b.    Norman Dodd on YouTube

c.     Norman Dodd on Wikipedia

14.  B. Carroll Reece

a.    Reece Committee on Education (Congressional Transcripts)

b.    Carroll Reece on Wikipedia

c.    Reece Committee on Wikipedia

d.    Foundations and their Influence by Rene Wormser

15.  Charlotte Iserbyt

a.    Charlotte’s website

b.    The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Iserbyt (pdf download)

c.     Outcome Based Education on Wikipedia

d.    Benjamin Bloom and Outcome Based Education on Wikipedia

16.  Quote: The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, feelings and actions of students.” – Benjamin Bloom

a.     Taxonomy of Educational Objectives by Benjamin Bloom

17.  (video) College Conspiracy: How “education” creates indentured debt slaves

a.    (video) The History of Corruption in Public Education (playlist)

18.  The Tax-Exempt Foundations and their Influence

a.    Rockefeller Foundation on Wikipedia

i.    The story of the Rockefeller Foundation by Raymond Fosdick

b.    Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on Wikipedia

c.    Ford Foundation on Wikipedia

i.    Ford Foundation + CIA

d.    Reece Committee on Education (Congressional Transcripts)

e.    Carroll Reece on Wikipedia

f.     Reece Committee on Wikipedia

g.    Foundations and their Influence by Rene Wormser

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