Media Monarchy

Independent Media Host: James Evan Pilato




Productions: New World Next Week (with James Corbett of the Corbett Report), Media Monarchy (LIVE & Podcast), as well as the Navigating Netflix, Food World Order, Cyber-Space-War, and Holy Hexes websites; offering news organized by topic, so you can focus in and track the trends in the Media Monarchy.

Focus: James captures and harnesses the comprehensive media-blitz for the week, compressing, distilling, and wrapping-it up to be served on weekends; to practice for this impressive feat of intellect, he hones his skills on Thursdays with James Corbett producing the New World Next Week video series. Their work, individually, and as a team over the years, is the epitome of consistency, fortitude, and honesty in their productions and presentation of events.

Summary: “There are a special few “knowns” in life, you know, things you can depend on; like gravity, friction, and light to brighten the darkness, without these essentials, life as we know it could not be known. Much to the same effect, I know that I can wake up every Saturday morning, sit down at my desk, and start my work knowing that there’s a fresh Media Monarchy episode ready for consumption, an invaluable tool through which you can transmute the unknown into the known. James Evan Pilato is consistent, and his work has remarkable integrity, not by accident, but by the physics of James’ universal discipline for attempting to do the impossible every Friday; that being, taking chaos, adding his intellect, talent, and experience, and making some sort of reasonable order out of all of it, so that you can truly understand what’s going on in the world- without wasting a moment of time in getting up to speed on the week’s events. Media Monarchy is an essential work of ongoing art, produced as a labor of love; Pilato shines when he does it, because he knows its necessary, useful to others, and like any form of worthwhile hard work, he gets satisfaction from doing it with style and accuracy.” – Richard Grove

Caveats:   James’ insists on producing a LIVE SHOW every Friday from the Portland Radio Authority broadcast headquarters, and showing-off his amazing skill of organizing news, while DJ’ing a cool, quiet, beat… he’s a one-man show, who might make you feel a bit lazy if you’re just sitting around and listening; so if you’re prepared to overcome that mental-obstacle, get up and do something active… while you listen to any and all of James’ productions.

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