Lisa Arbercheski: Human Needs, Control & Group Think on Red Ice Radio 3Fourteen

Author: Richard GroveApril 18, 2013
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Lisa Arbercheski works as part of the team at Tragedy and Hope Communications, empowering people by combining education and mass media. Tragedy and Hope creates holistic projects targeted at addressing mankind’s most urgent concerns; while laying a foundation to carry us into the future while empowering all people with the information to make informed decisions in their lives. Lisa will talk about the needs of humankind and how we’ve been deprived of the most basic functions, in turn creating physical and psychological issues. We’ll discuss the detrimental effects of the school system, which teaches group think. Lisa talks about the long term implications of control and letting authority do the thinking for us. She de-mystifies the trivium and explains how it really aids one to think clearly and consistently. Later, we speak about disconnecting from the collective and reclaiming the sovereignty of our minds without losing our sense of community. We end the hour on government, anarchy, human rights and the true alternative.
Music: Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right

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