InfoWars Meets Tragedy and Hope: Alex Jones Interviews Richard Grove and James Lane (Days 1 & 2)

Author: Richard GroveJune 30, 2013
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Interviews we shot on the Alex Jones Show to promote our film “State of Mind: The Psychology of Control” (circa 2013)

Since “State of Mind: The Psychology of Control” is a result of Tragedy and Hope’s co-production with Free Mind Films (whose last film “A Noble Lie: OKC 1995” was distributed by InfoWars), Lisa and I traveled this past week to Austin, TX to help promote the film. State of Mind will officially release on July 15th, and it will premiere on on July 17th and from then on be available online free to the public.

Here’s the footage from what has aired thus far, more of what we filmed will be released over the next month.

Day 1, Hour 4 (OverDrive) of the Alex Jones Show (June 26th, 2013):

Day 1, after OverDrive and before Richard was interviewed for the Nightly News (June 26th, 2013):

Day 2, Hour 2 of the Alex Jones Show (June 27th, 2013):

Infowars Nightly News: Richard Grove interviewed by Rob Dew (filmed June 26th, aired June 27th, 2013):

Infowars Nightly News: Austin Green and Chris Emery interviewed by David Knight:

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