Empire & Opium: From Fleming to Snowden

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiApril 30, 2014
Tags:antony, bankers, british, cia, Company, east, edward, empire, Fleming, GCHQ, Germany, Hitler, Ian, india, intelligence, nsa, Opium, oss, Russia, snowden, Stalin, street, sutton, trade, wall, whistleblowers

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Lisa Arbercheski

Empire & Opium: From Fleming to Snowden

The Meria Heller Show presents: Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove.

In this month’s conversation: United States has an irony deficiency disorder; learning real history to understand the present and future; post 9/11 world, Patriot Act, surveillance, NSA, TSA, Cybernetics, Robots, Drones, where does it end? democide; strategy of tension; Panopticon state; Princeton Study “US is an oligarchy”; definition; What’s their end game? East India Company and the opium trade continuing today in Afghanistan; what is an Anglophile? history of opium wars in China; Boston Tea Party; Origins of the NSA -GCHQ, spying on Americans since 1945; “white man’s burden”; many Presidents related to British royalty; who funded Harvard/Yale? Ed Snowden; British Empire’s constant attempt to colonize US; Crimean war; Nelson Rockefeller and psyops; the media; terrorism factory and the FBI; Hollywood bloodlines; Racialism; extended adolescence; bread and circus tactics; James Bond, Ian Fleming, British Intelligence & OSS; Addicted to entertainment-starving for knowledge; Operation Gladio; and much more, do your homework – “Learning’s the answer, what’s the question?”

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