Author Allan Weisbecker Tours the T&H “History Blueprint” / Brain Model

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiJuly 20, 2014
Tags:Allan, Blueprint, brain, Cafe, Casual, grove, history, hope, Model, richard, tragedy, Weisbecker

Author and Adventurer Allan C. Weisbecker gets a personal tour of Richard Grove’s “History Blueprint”

Day 1, part 2: This candid conversation between Allan and Richard got started when I ventured out to get some food for dinner, and when I came home Allan said to me “Lisa, since I saw you last, my mind has been completely blown”

To learn more about Richard’s “History Blueprint” / Brain Model:

To learn more about Allan’s voyage and his visit at Tragedy and Hope, CT:…

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Day 1, part 1 of this interview is available to Advanced Access members of the Tragedy and Hope research community, whose support is what allows us to create media in the first place.

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