Afghan Opium Record, GCHQ spoofs LinkedIn, GMO Apples – New World Next Week

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiNovember 14, 2013
Tags:Afghan, Apples, corbett, GMO, james, mediamonarchy, new, next, Opium, pilato, Record, report, the, week, world


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Welcome to Grand Theft World podcast episode 16.

The New York Times “revises” their initial story about the Capitol chaos, then tells us not to worry our pretty little heads with critical thinking. We explore possible Chinese strategies, as well as Biden’s willingness to parrot CCP talking points. Bill Gates takes the spotlight as we admire his luxurious life style, his fondness for eugenics wrapped in medical gauze, his accumulation of farmland and his determination to feed us artificial meats and squiggly squirmy protein. Then Zuckerberg bucks his own Facebook mandates by expressing doubts about the official vaccine narrative and we ask “when is a conspiracy theory more than a theory”?

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