9/11: Following the Money on the Century’s Greatest Conspiracy

Author: Lisa ArbercheskiDecember 11, 2015
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Richard Grove joins Sean Stone on Buzzsaw:

9/11 truth and questions are explored with an eye on where the money trail leads to, in this uncensored talk with Richard Grove. How Bush, Cheney, the Saudis, and the Bin Laden family are all linked at the bankbook, questions of the destruction of the twin towers and building 7 of the World Trade Center, plus the deregulation of banking and disappearance of trillions of dollars at the pentagon are all examined. The dark plans of the Project for a New American Century, the business being done by Marsh & McLennan, and Grove’s own experience as a whistleblower are all explored in this Buzzsaw interview, hosted by Sean Stone.

00:01 Welcoming Richard Grove to Buzzsaw.
00:58 A personal history working for Marsh & McLennan around 9/11.
06:30 AIG, and strange information on insider trading related to 9/11.
08:35 Adding up a series of anomalies and the missing $2.3 trillion dollars at the Pentagon.
12:21 Power, punishment, and the real questions.
14:00 The underlying agenda in Afghanistan and Iraq.
16:45 Project for a New American Century, and key figures in the scheme.
19:40 The money trail, following social security benefits and the death index.
20:55 Marsh & McLennan, and the ensuing deregulation of banks after 9/11, and the connection between drugs and terrorists.
26:00 Explosions at building 6, and strange connections between Bush and Bin Laden.
30:44 Filing as a whistleblower.
36:32 Backdoor surveillance for corporations and governments.
38:41 Building 7–the key example of destruction of evidence.
44:01 Hope, or surrendering to confusion?
46:02 Where to find more.

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